UCP Bonus Podcast Episode 001: Composting, Gardening and Living with Backyard Chickens – A Conversation with Chicken Experts Pat Foreman & Victoria Miller

Hens Free in the Garden - photo by Grey World

Hens Free in the Garden – photo by Grey World

Mother Earth News, (arguably the coolest, best established, and most trustworthy of news sources for all things self-reliant and homesteading) recently invited me to interview two chicken experts who were presenting at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas.  I was flattered and excited to host this interview with Pat Foreman and Victoria “Redhed” Miller (that is not a misspelling of her nickname.)    Continue reading

UCP Blog 036: Breezeway Between Coop & Run Done – Oh Yeah!

Coop to Run Breezeway

     Last fall (er – that is autumn of 2015) I built my flock a deluxe chicken run adjacent to their coop.  The new chicken run is free standing and completely separate from the coop. (See pictures of the run in this previous post.) I did not build it attached directly to the coop because I could not figure out how to do so and make it both functional and attractive. The solution was simple – a breezeway connecting the two! Continue reading

UCP Blog 032: Building a Deluxe Chicken Run; Racing the Weather

Chicken Run Building - Photo by Jen Pitino

Chicken Run Building – Photo by Jen Pitino

Though it is technically still fall, much of the United States (especially at my home city Boise’s latitude) is already getting snow.  Last night was our first freeze of the year and I am consequently feeling even more desperate to finish constructing a deluxe chicken run for my backyard flock.  I am racing the weather.

My hens need a new extension on their home.  For the past several years I have allowed them to have free range of my backyard.  Despite all my efforts to train, fence, and even water hose spray them out of my flower beds, the roving flock destroyed many a beloved perennial and left the yard looking war torn.  I am a “chicken expert” (sort of) and I simply could not figure out a way to have both a beautiful garden and free-range chickens.  Continue reading

UCP Episode 021: Listeners’ Questions Answered (Session #1) on Scissorbeak, Designing the Perfect Coop & Treating Chicken Wounds

Scissor Beaked Hen, Buffy the Egglayer - photo by AinaWGSD

Scissor Beaked Hen, Buffy the Egglayer – photo by AinaWGSD

Urban Chicken Podcast listeners have been reaching out lately and sending me their chickens questions.  These questions are interesting and relevant to all chicken enthusiasts and so I have decided to answer their questions on today’s episode.  Continue reading

UCP Episode 016: Rent-a-Coop – A Way to Try Before You Buy Chickens


Rent-a-Coop - Tyler Phillips

Rent-a-Coop – Tyler Phillips & Diana Samata

So you’re chicken curious, but feel trepidation about jumping head first into backyard chicken ownership.  If only there was a way you could try out backyard chickens without having to commit.  Now you can try before you buy chickens for your yard thanks to Rent-a-Coop.   Continue reading

UCP Episode 007: Mastering “The Art of the Chicken Coop” – with Author/Carpenter Chris Gleason

rustic chicken coop by faire 1two

rustic chicken coop by faire 1two

So, you want to build a coop that is a little more substantial than the rustic example above, but you’ve never really built anything noteworthy in your life.  Never fear – today’s episode is totally dedicated for those who are willing in spirit, but weak in skills.  Chris Gleason, author and carpenter extraordinaire, is on this week’s episode to discuss his book, “The Art of the Chicken Coop,” and to tell you how you can master the art of coop building, even on your first attempt.

Continue reading

UCP Episode 001: Introduction to the Urban Chicken Podcast – Welcome!

Chicken round up

Chicken Round Up Prizes!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Urban Chicken Podcast! On this week’s show I will introduce myself and talk about the who, what, when, why and how’s about the podcast.   Continue reading

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