UCP Bonus Podcast Episode 001: Composting, Gardening and Living with Backyard Chickens – A Conversation with Chicken Experts Pat Foreman & Victoria Miller

Hens Free in the Garden - photo by Grey World

Hens Free in the Garden – photo by Grey World

Mother Earth News, (arguably the coolest, best established, and most trustworthy of news sources for all things self-reliant and homesteading) recently invited me to interview two chicken experts who were presenting at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas.  I was flattered and excited to host this interview with Pat Foreman and Victoria “Redhed” Miller (that is not a misspelling of her nickname.)    Continue reading

UCP Episode 039: Listeners Q & A Session #2: Chickens & Extreme Cold, Sprouted Grains & Soldier Fly Larvae and a Chicken Education Tip

Lonely chicken (first snow in last autumn)Like most people, I love to receive mail (so long as it is not a bill or junk).  Recently, I have gotten several messages from Urban Chicken Podcast listeners, who wrote to either pose a burning chicken question they have or to share a useful chicken tip.  Today on the UCP, I am sharing three of these listener letters with the audience and answering questions such as “how cold is too cold for your chickens?” and “what do I think about feeding chickens sprouted grains and soldier flies?” and much more.  I also talk about an email that provides me and the UCP listeners a great tip on a resource for quality poultry education classes and teachers. Continue reading

photo by: n0rthw1nd

UCP Episode 022: Feeding our Chickens Well – Discussion of Organic Farming & Chicken Feed with Wes Gibbs

Grain Harvesting - photo by Montana Flour Company

Grain Harvesting – photo by Montana Flour Company

You are what you eat.  This adage also rings true indirectly – you are what your chickens eat as well, if you eat your birds or their eggs.  Studies have shown that the quality of food that a chicken consumes has a direct connection to the quality of eggs produced. Continue reading

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