UCP Blog 036: Breezeway Between Coop & Run Done – Oh Yeah!

Coop to Run Breezeway

     Last fall (er – that is autumn of 2015) I built my flock a deluxe chicken run adjacent to their coop.  The new chicken run is free standing and completely separate from the coop. (See pictures of the run in this previous post.) I did not build it attached directly to the coop because I could not figure out how to do so and make it both functional and attractive. The solution was simple – a breezeway connecting the two! Continue reading

UCP Blog 033: Chicken Run Completed…Almost

Deluxe Chicken Run - photo by Jen Pitino

Deluxe Chicken Run – photo by Jen Pitino

Happy 2016 Urban Chicken Podcast Family!

This new year is off to an auspicious start and I am looking forward to spending more time with you in 2016.  I know that it has been a while since I last caught you up on what was new at Casa de Urban Chicken Podcast (i.e. my house) and with the naughty hens.

When I last posted I was racing the snow to finish the new chicken run.  I succeeded at getting it completed, mostly.  Let me catch you up where the project stopped.  Continue reading

UCP Blog 032: Building a Deluxe Chicken Run; Racing the Weather

Chicken Run Building - Photo by Jen Pitino

Chicken Run Building – Photo by Jen Pitino

Though it is technically still fall, much of the United States (especially at my home city Boise’s latitude) is already getting snow.  Last night was our first freeze of the year and I am consequently feeling even more desperate to finish constructing a deluxe chicken run for my backyard flock.  I am racing the weather.

My hens need a new extension on their home.  For the past several years I have allowed them to have free range of my backyard.  Despite all my efforts to train, fence, and even water hose spray them out of my flower beds, the roving flock destroyed many a beloved perennial and left the yard looking war torn.  I am a “chicken expert” (sort of) and I simply could not figure out a way to have both a beautiful garden and free-range chickens.  Continue reading

UCP Blog 018: Christmas for Chickens and the Coop

Christmas Wreath on the Coop - courtesy of Deb Bino

Christmas Wreath on the Coop – courtesy of Deb Bino

Urban Chicken Podcast listener, Deb Bino recently shared photographs of her sharing holiday cheer with her flock.  Deb decorates her chickens coops with Christmas wreaths, lights, and even miniature Christmas trees.  Her hens are not forgotten when it comes to marking the season.

Check out Deb’s Christmas chicken coop decorations below.  Maybe Deb’s photos will inspire you to brighten up your own chicken coop this Christmas with some trim and ornaments!


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UCP Blog 012: One Listener Just Got Her First Flock & New Coop (Exciting!)

Swenson Family Coop - photo courtesy of Kimberly Swenson

Swenson Family Coop – photo courtesy of Kimberly Swenson

Urban Chicken Podcast listener, Kimberly Swenson and her family finally got their first flock of backyard chickens after thinking about it for the past few years. Yay!  The Swenson Family flock consists of 2 Barred Rocks, 4 Black Sex Links, and a single Australorp.  They bought their new feathered family members on February 16th this year from a local farmer in their area.

Luke Swenson built the family hens their comfortable new digs, which turned out quite nicely.  The coop is 6×6 ft and outfitted with 3 nesting boxes.  Kimberly will soon get to learn that though there are plenty of nesting boxes for all of the hens to use, they will fight over one of them while two other adjacent boxes sit empty.  Ahhh…the joys of silly chicken fights within the flock.  The coop was purposefully built up off of the ground in order to provide the hens a shady place to escape hot summer sun.  The attached run is 6×15 ft to give the flock plenty of room to exercise.

Sprouted Grain Fodder - photo by Kimberly Swenson

Sprouted Grain Fodder – photo by Kimberly Swenson

Kimberly has already been sprouting grains to use as fodder for the flock to eat.  The birds seem to love it.  I am impressed by the fodder sheet shown in the picture.   This technique is a nice and healthy way to augment your hens’ diet. Check out their girls gathered around the fresh sod block in their run in the photos above.

Welcome Swenson Family to the world of backyard chicken keeping! Have you named your girls yet?


UCP Episode 041: Wintertime and Predators

European Eagle Owl - photo by Mara 1

European Eagle Owl – photo by Mara 1

Predators are always a concern for chicken owners.  What may not be widely known amongst chicken keepers is that the risk of attack upon your flock may actually be worse in winter months than during other times of the year.

In order to properly guard backyard flocks from becoming prey to hungry predators of all sorts, chicken keepers need to properly prepare and protect their birds.  Today on the Urban Chicken Podcast we discuss the best techniques to prevent attracting predators to your backyard coop and protecting your hens if the predators are already there.  Continue reading

UCP Episode 035: Chicks, Flocks & Tractors – Answering a Listener’s Questions

Chicks in a Box - photo by Samdogs

Chicks in a Box – photo by Samdogs

It is always gratifying to get feedback and interaction from the Urban Chicken Podcast audience.  Recently, Carla Allen of Georgia email me and posed a few questions that were interesting and applicable to all chicken keepers.  Her questions are in the area of chicks, flocks, and tractors.  This week’s episode is a questions and answers session.  Continue reading

UCP Episode 014: Chicken Lice & Mites – How to End the Creepy-Crawlies on Your Hens and In Your Coop

Red Mite by Arenamontanus

Red Mite by Arenamontanus

Lice and mites are creepy-crawlies that can torment your birds and cause them serious suffering, physical ailment and in extreme cases, lead to the death of your chickens.  There are many things to know about chicken lice and mites such as: how to detect these creepy-crawlies; how to treat for these pests; and how to prevent infestation in the first place. Continue reading

UCP Episode 007: Mastering “The Art of the Chicken Coop” – with Author/Carpenter Chris Gleason

rustic chicken coop by faire 1two

rustic chicken coop by faire 1two

So, you want to build a coop that is a little more substantial than the rustic example above, but you’ve never really built anything noteworthy in your life.  Never fear – today’s episode is totally dedicated for those who are willing in spirit, but weak in skills.  Chris Gleason, author and carpenter extraordinaire, is on this week’s episode to discuss his book, “The Art of the Chicken Coop,” and to tell you how you can master the art of coop building, even on your first attempt.

Continue reading

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