UCP Bonus Podcast Episode 001: Composting, Gardening and Living with Backyard Chickens – A Conversation with Chicken Experts Pat Foreman & Victoria Miller

Hens Free in the Garden - photo by Grey World

Hens Free in the Garden – photo by Grey World

Mother Earth News, (arguably the coolest, best established, and most trustworthy of news sources for all things self-reliant and homesteading) recently invited me to interview two chicken experts who were presenting at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas.  I was flattered and excited to host this interview with Pat Foreman and Victoria “Redhed” Miller (that is not a misspelling of her nickname.)    Continue reading

UCP Episode 060: Listener Q & A Session #6

Portrait of a Broody Hen

Portrait of a Broody Hen

On this episode of the Urban Chicken Podcast, I answer a new set of listener questions on a variety of topics.  How long after your husband treats your lawn with a chemical weed and feed can you safely put a flock of birds on it?  What do you do when you have multiple hens go broody at the same time? How do you protect your flock from predators?

There is tons to learn in this episode – including a brief look at a news story involving chickens which sounds more like an Austin Power’s movie plot.   Continue reading

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UCP Episode 058: Listener Q & A Session #5

Wright's Book of Poultry - Plate on Page 488

Wright’s Book of Poultry – Plate on Page 488

It is time again for another session of Urban Chicken Podcast Listeners’ questions and answers.  This Q and A session we consider and discuss ISA Brown chickens, a rooster who is acting like a hen, issues with spilt feed in the coop, identify a mystery breed hen, and hear about another crowing hen!   Continue reading

UCP Blog 024: What Killed My Chicken?


Crime Scene - photo by Alan Cleaver

Crime Scene – photo by Alan Cleaver

I recently was contacted by a Chris W., an Urban Chicken Podcast listener who sadly had just had one of her chickens killed and left some ways away from the scene of the crime. Chris wanted help detecting who had destroyed her lovely hen and I did my best to try to deduce the culprit from the evidence provided.

I have shared my conversation with Chris and my attempt to get to the bottom of this backyard chicken murder case.  See if you agree with my detective skills and whether I am the next Sherlock Holmes of chicken mysteries.   Continue reading

UCP Episode 041: Wintertime and Predators

European Eagle Owl - photo by Mara 1

European Eagle Owl – photo by Mara 1

Predators are always a concern for chicken owners.  What may not be widely known amongst chicken keepers is that the risk of attack upon your flock may actually be worse in winter months than during other times of the year.

In order to properly guard backyard flocks from becoming prey to hungry predators of all sorts, chicken keepers need to properly prepare and protect their birds.  Today on the Urban Chicken Podcast we discuss the best techniques to prevent attracting predators to your backyard coop and protecting your hens if the predators are already there.  Continue reading

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