UCP Blog 039: What breed is this beast of a chicken?


A non-chicken keeping friend of mine recently sent me a YouTube link to an amateur video of an unusually large chicken and asked me if this video was “‘for real?'” I clicked the link and watched an enormous rooster emerge from a coop in a fenced pen area.  To say that this bird was big is an understatement – this white rooster caught on film was a veritable beast!  

Watch the Video of this Colossal Rooster 

My friend asked me what breed of bird this monster rooster was.  I guessed it was a gigantic, full-sized (standard) Cochin rooster with a Columbian feather pattern. Wrong!

A little on-line research revealed this very big bird is a Brahma breed rooster named Merakli. The original YouTube video of Merakli stated that this beast of a chicken is located in Kosovo.  Apparently they raised their chickens mega-sized there!

Image Source: [1]


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