UCP Episode 017: Learning How to Set Up & Running a Wholesale Organic Feed Buyers’ Club with Scott Brown of Phoenix Organic Feed

Chicken Feed - by Icabod2

Chicken Feed – by Ichabod2


If you have backyard chickens there is a good chance that you are looking to eat more locally and organically.  However, the retail cost of purchasing organic chicken feed can be  daunting or even cost prohibitive.  There may be a way to build community and get the highest quality organic feed for cheaper than retail prices.  

Scott Brown - Phoenix Organic Feed

Scott Brown, Founder and Coordinator of Phoenix Organic Feed

Scott Brown, the founder and coordinator for Phoenix Organic Feed, was faced with that very problem.  He had ten chickens in his yard and the price of organic feed was so high that he was questioning whether he should give up his hens.  Instead of throwing in the  towel at the first sign of trouble, Scott instead got motivated and creative.  Through some research he was able to find a supplier who would sell him organic chicken feed at a significantly cheaper price.  There was only one hiccup — he had to buy in pallet quantities. Scott connected with a local permaculture group in Phoenix and was able to recruit other health-minded chicken owners to join him in this feed order.  With a little effort and community building, Scott has gone from that first pallet order of organic feed to creating a large buying cooperative.  The wholesale feed buying club Scott created, called Phoenix Organic Feed, has over a hundred members and has a sister buying club in Tucson.  The group also buys wholesale organic feed for all sorts of farm animals now.

Phoenix Organic Feed - Scott Brown

Phoenix Organic Feed – Scott Brown

Scott joins me on the Urban Chicken Podcast today to discuss how and why he started the Phoenix Organic Feed cooperative.  He will also discuss why the group chooses to only purchase organic, soy-free chicken feed.  Scott also shares helpful tips and advice on how you might be able to start a simple wholesale feed buying club in your town.

In the Chicken News, we look at two truly bizarre restaurants in Thailand that are chicken related.  Ka Tron, a restaurant located in the suburbs of Bangkok, has made a name for itself over the past 26 years.  It is famous for its flying roasted chickens!  The Ka Tron restaurant specializes in theatrical entertainment with includes: a catapult, hot roasted chickens and wait staff riding unicycles.  Yikes!  The other strange chicken restaurant in Thailand is one which is called “Hitler” restaurant.  This takeaway chicken restaurant’s logo includes a depiction of Adolf Hitler wearing a bowtie and an apron.

Ka Tron Restaurant Thailand - photo by AFP/Nicolas ASFOURI

Ka Tron Flying Chicken Restaurant Thailand – photo by AFP/Nicolas ASFOURI

Hitler Chicken Restaurant - Thailand

In Sally’s Sidenotes, I discuss my recent trip to Portland, Oregon and the strong, pro-chicken vibe in that city.  See also the Portlandia tv show clip making fun of Portlanders and their localvore ferver.

Portlandia – satirical farm-fresh chicken scene:

Videos of the Ka Tron Flying Chicken Restaurant in Thailand:

Catching flying chickens while riding a unicycle

Tourists getting in on the actions of trying to catch flying food at Ka Tron restaurant

Chicken News: 

  • Ka Tron Restaurant WEBPAGE 
  • Fox News – Ka Tron Resaurant ARTICLE
  • UK Daily Mail -Thai Chicken Restaurant called “Hitler” Opens (w/ Pics) ARTICLE
  • UK Daily Mail – Nazi Chic Movement in Thailand & S.E. Asia ARTICLE
  • JewishOneNews – Hitler Chicken VIDEO
  • MSN Money – “Thai Chicken Shop Replaces KFC’s Sanders w/ Hitler” ARTICLE
  • Investvine – Hitler Chicken Rebranded as H-ler Chicken ARTICLE

Main Segment:

  • Phoenix Organic Feed WEBPAGE
  • Phoenix Organic Feed – “Why No Soy?” ARTICLE
  • Rachel Bess – Phoenix Chicken Icon & Phoenix Organic Feed Member  ARTICLE
  • Baker Nursery – Phoenix Organic Feed Patron/Partner WEBPAGE
  • Baker Nursery Facebook Page LINK 

Sally’s Sidenotes: 

  • World Domination Summit WEBPAGE
  • Portland Backyard Poultry Meetup Group WEBPAGE
  • PDX Backyard Chix (Portland Chicken Yahoo Group) WEBPAGE
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