UCP Episode 030: Shell-less and Soft-Shelled Eggs

Beatrix's Soft-shelled Egg - photo by Jen Pitino

Beatrix’s Soft-shelled Egg – photo by Jen Pitino

Eggs: they’re colorful; they’re delicious; and they’re supposed be the hard-shelled and oval.  However, sometimes they’re not shaped and formed as they ought to be. Today, on the Urban Chicken Podcast we are discussing why chickens sometimes lay soft-shelled or even shell-less eggs.  We will also consider what you the chicken owner can do to try to remedy any soft/shell-less egg issues in your flock.  Continue reading

UCP Episode 026: Ears & Eggs – What Color are Your Eggshells and Why?

Colorful Chicken Eggs - photo by Todd Dwyer

Colorful Chicken Eggs – photo by Todd Dwyer

Ears and Eggs.  In chickens the two are oddly linked.  There is a general rule that the color of a chicken’s ear (actually it’s earlobes, since the ears are covered in feathers and not readily visible) can help you determine what color of egg that chicken will lay. Chickens with white earlobes lay  Continue reading

UCP Episode 010: Erica Says You Absolutely Shouldn’t Get Chickens — Is She Right?

Faverolle Cockerell by steve p2008

Faverolle Cockerell by steve p2008

Perhaps today’s show topic seems counter intuitive to the Urban Chicken Podcast’s mission of encouraging and supporting people in their pursuit of backyard chickens.    Erica, author of NW Edible Life, recently wrote a compelling article making the case why you absolutely should not get backyard chickens.

Continue reading

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