UCP Blog 034: Serama Egg … Makes For a Tiny Breakfast

Ayam Serama - photo by Phalinn Ooi

Ayam Serama – photo by Phalinn Ooi

At the most recent of my niece Lydia’s 4H meeting, the children were instructed to bring an egg from their flock for a lesson.  One teenage member, Aimee, brought a tiny egg laid by her Serama hen, a bird which she had just acquired a couple of months ago.  The tiny egg produced by her diminutive bird was about the same size as a candy egg for Easter. When the egg was cracked open as part of this 4H project, things got even more interesting. Continue reading

UCP Episode 033: The Kentucky Specks Chicken – The Rarest American Bantam

Kentucky Specks Rooster - Photo by elmfarm87

Kentucky Specks Rooster – Photo by elmfarm87

The Kentucky Specks chicken is an American rare breed of chicken that is shrouded in much lore and mystery.  These small white and black mottled chickens – splashed with red hackle feathers and blue, green and red saddle and tail feathers are unusual and handsome birds.  Today on the Urban Chicken Podcast, we are joined by guest Denis Dooley who is an breeder and advocate of the Kentucky Specks chicken.  Denis helps separate the facts from fiction surrounding this diminutive speckled fowl.   Continue reading

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