UCP Guest Blog 004: How to Select the Right Incubator for You – by Emily Baker

Hatching - photo by Alisha Vargas

Hatching – photo by Alisha Vargas

Emily Baker is a flock owner of Ancona Ducks and the manger of Incubators.org.  In this article, she shares her expertise knowledge of how to pick the right incubator for your hatching needs.  

While there is still snow on the ground, it may be hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. Yet, if the groundhog is to be trusted, spring is only about a month away. For many of us, this marks the beginning of the most exciting time of year- hatching season!

Whether you are hatching chicks for profit or pleasure, you need the right tools to get the job done. While some breeders prefer to let Mother Nature do her thing, many enjoy the experience and control of hatching using an incubator. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be a bit intimidating to choose the ideal incubator for your hatching needs.

So how do you know which incubator is the right one for you?
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UCP Blog 025: Splay Leg in Baby Chicks & How to Treat It

Springtime brings spring chicks to many of our homes.  Spring chicks occasionally can become injured and ill and require extra attention and care on the part of the owner. One common baby chick ailment is called “Splay Leg.”

Splay Leg (also commonly called “Spraddle Leg”) is a condition that causes young chicks to have one or both of their legs slip to the side of their bodies twisted out from the hip, making it impossible for the bird to walk or even stand.  Splay Leg is often caused by the use of slick surfaced materials (e.g. newspaper) for brooder bedding. The condition may also be caused by vitamin deficiency or incubator temperatures being too high or fluctuating. Continue reading

UCP Episode 035: Chicks, Flocks & Tractors – Answering a Listener’s Questions

Chicks in a Box - photo by Samdogs

Chicks in a Box – photo by Samdogs

It is always gratifying to get feedback and interaction from the Urban Chicken Podcast audience.  Recently, Carla Allen of Georgia email me and posed a few questions that were interesting and applicable to all chicken keepers.  Her questions are in the area of chicks, flocks, and tractors.  This week’s episode is a questions and answers session.  Continue reading

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