UCP Episode 058: Listener Q & A Session #5

Wright's Book of Poultry - Plate on Page 488

Wright’s Book of Poultry – Plate on Page 488

It is time again for another session of Urban Chicken Podcast Listeners’ questions and answers.  This Q and A session we consider and discuss ISA Brown chickens, a rooster who is acting like a hen, issues with spilt feed in the coop, identify a mystery breed hen, and hear about another crowing hen!   Continue reading

UCP Blog 017: Another Sex-Reversed Hen Reported to the UCP

Lulu the Sex Reversed Hen - photo by Angela Schwendiman

Lulu the Sex Reversed Hen – photo by Angela Schwendiman

I recently had yet another report of a possibly sex-reversed hen!  Here is the initial message that I received:

I just listened to your sex reversal chicken podcast. I have a hen that is about two and a half years old. In the last two weeks she has rapidly started to reverse to a male. I am a PhD in biology. Once I noticed my little Lulu was sex reversing I wanted to learn more about how common this is. I am shocked about the lack of information on the topic. When I heard you wanted to collected some data I got very excited. I wanted to find out how many other people you had heard from.





Continue reading

UCP Episode 018: Spontaneous Sex Reversal in Chickens – My Hen Just Became a Rooster!

Gynandromorph Chicken -photo by Roslin Institute @ Univ. of Edinburgh

Gynandromorph Chicken -photo by Roslin Institute @ Univ. of Edinburgh

Probably, if you have been following this podcast for a while now, you have noticed that I can’t get enough of the stories and news items that are based in the realm of the bizarre. Despite my clear predilection for that which is odd and curious, there is a deeper driving force behind today’s episode.   Oh, indeed!  This episode arises out of an actual situation and need I have based on recent behavioral changes in my favorite hen, Frida.  Her unexpected change — Frida is trying to crow like a rooster.   Continue reading

UCP Episode 014: Chicken Lice & Mites – How to End the Creepy-Crawlies on Your Hens and In Your Coop

Red Mite by Arenamontanus

Red Mite by Arenamontanus

Lice and mites are creepy-crawlies that can torment your birds and cause them serious suffering, physical ailment and in extreme cases, lead to the death of your chickens.  There are many things to know about chicken lice and mites such as: how to detect these creepy-crawlies; how to treat for these pests; and how to prevent infestation in the first place. Continue reading

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